In “Breaking Dog News”… jealous pooches.Two hours, seven dogs.
I tried to make her look like Lady but it’s more of a rat terrier beagle thing.
Ran into Stacey Baker today!
Feifei Ruan documents how NYC has been destroyed in film.
Ryan Weber interviews MTA booth agents and illustrates lost items they’ve found while working underground.
Alison Paul collected all the terribly drawn soccer balls from sandwich boards during the World Cup.
There’s more than one way New Yorkers talk with their hands and Melissa Malzkuhn explains how.
Zacharay Ares guides us through Gay Pride’s club scene—including “wolves”, “otters”, and “panda bears”.
Steven Little creeps on Brooklyn and listens in on your conversations.
Craig Coss collects the fallen leaves and creates a herbal pharmacy directly from the streets of New York.
Above is a small selection of the final pieces from our Visual Writing class at SVA’s MFAVN program. Each piece is a self-reported and self-illustrated exploration of New York. 

In just eight weeks we examined different strategies for visual storytelling. Beginning with the premise that “the visual” and “the narrative” need not be understood as separate modes of work, but can become deeply integrated processes of thought. 
In the first half of the course, students explored different kinds of stories made possible by alternative visual and textual forms, including (but not limited to) diagrams, maps, multiples, charts, networks, and timelines.
In the last three weeks we focused on the best ideas from mini weekly assignments to create a nearly 100 page book. Soon to be on sale from SVA. 
OUR FINAL SHOW IS FRIDAY!July 25, 2014 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM21st Street between 6th and 7th Ave, Floor 10.
More info here:
I need that emoticon. 
The editors are so not going to go for a butt. They are afraid of butts… But we can still pitch it ;) as long as there is another option. This one goes on Tumblr”
Emoji I really need.
Killed sketch lives on on tumblr.
World’s tiniest violin
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